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Deviate :
- ٿڙينيتdeviatesپاسيرا

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Noun(1) a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior
Verb(1) turn aside; turn away from(2) be at variance with; be out of line with(3) cause to turn away from a previous or expected course
Adjective(1) markedly different from an accepted norm

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(1) As a result of this literary pre-knowledge many people were eager to tell us just how and in what ways the films have dared to deviate from the authority of Tolkien's original.(2) That approach consists of a code of good practice (The Highway Code), a requirement that drivers pass a qualifying test, and a network of offences to penalize those who deviate from proper standards.(3) Yet in each of these films, the most memorable elements are those which deviate from the original novel.(4) She fought the temptation to urinate, as she'd done to the first, as a deviate had done to her long ago.(5) In the end, I submit that what nonoriginalists really want is not to follow the happenstance of changed meanings but to ignore or deviate from the original meaning because they disagree with it.(6) In fact, globalists who deviate from the official portrayal of globalization as benefiting everyone must bear the consequences of their criticism.(7) How much can you deviate from a standard and still function?(8) And again the creature came within a few meters of him but simply continued floating after Angel as though it was loathe to deviate from her rather ridiculous circular course.(9) Sometimes members deviate from the course, and commanders must take corrective actions.(10) And how greatly does that behavior deviate from bygone standards of greater constraint?(11) Although he's not obligated to deviate from his original quest to destroy the kingpins of the criminal underworld, taking a few minutes to eliminate rabble in the streets augments the game significantly in two ways.(12) But so strong are the temptations to deviate from this path that we must make it an unbreakable precept never to give our assent unless the evidence compels it.(13) However, the main character of madrasas, to promote and establish Islam, cannot be changed, as we cannot deviate from the main purpose.(14) The Zulu, on the other hand, have their own traditional courtship practices which deviate somewhat from the patriarchal standard typical of most tribal societies.(15) Whichever of these is the case, it is clear that for an astrologer to deviate from these accepted values would be considered very unusual.(16) you must not deviate from the agreed route
Related Words
(1) deviate from ::
کان ٿڙي
1. diverge from ::
مان ض
2. digress from ::
مان digress
3. drift from ::
مان drift
4. stray from ::
مان ٿيان
5. veer from ::
مان وير
6. swerve from ::
مان وچڙائي ڳالھائيندؤ
7. get sidetracked from ::
مان sidetracked حاصل
8. branch off from ::
مان بند شاخ
9. differ from ::
کان مختلف
10. vary from ::
مان ناهيون
11. run counter to ::
کي جوابي هلائي
12. go in opposition to ::
کي مخالف ڌر ۾ وڃو
13. contrast with ::
سان ان جي ابتڙ
14. degenerate ::
15. pervert ::
16. deviant ::
17. aberrant ::
18. deviant ::
Different Forms
deviate, deviated, deviates, deviating
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