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Generally :
عام طور تي
- عام طور تي

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Adverb(1) usually; as a rule(2) without distinction of one from others(3) without regard to specific details or exceptions

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(1) She would answer telephones, make calls to customers and generally act in the same way as an employee.(2) The bus station is pretty well lit, and there are generally people around.(3) The document is generally regarded as marking the beginning of the town as it is today.(4) The leaked document generally uses one of three reasons for denying requests for certain pieces of text.(5) The ground is generally decent and usually provides a good jumping surface.(6) He is said to have a gift for storytelling, and is generally regarded as a serious person.(7) I know they vary over the long term but that is generally a decline over years.(8) the best scheme is generally reckoned to be the Canadian one(9) Western intellectuals are generally shifting to the left, certainly on these questions.(10) So far we have been looking at media rather generally in terms of communication options.(11) So I ate it, and raved about it, and got it all over my keyboard, and was generally happy.(12) a decade when France was moving generally to the left(13) Now, it is generally accepted that the actions of the government at that time were wrong.(14) A customer survey launched last August has brought a generally positive response.(15) In the USA black puddings are not generally popular, but are eaten by some ethnic groups.(16) The gameplay itself is generally pretty good, but a little too similar to the first game.
Related Words
2. overall ::
مجموعي طور
3. widely ::
وڏي پيماني تي
4. in general ::
عام طور تي
5. more often than not ::
وڌيڪ عام نه کان
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