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:: Through the fortunate accident of having a tedious instructor I had gained a year:: Street kids in Nepal are now being given the opportunity to bank their money so that bigger kids wont beat them up and steal it:: It was covered in black velvet with a blood red rose embroidered on the front and a ribbon of the same colour as the rose tied in a bow at the top:: Connecting to the system bus is a nice first step but we want to be able to send messages from a wellknown address:: He hired hundreds of labourers to heave a large boat a passenger ferry over a mountain in the Andes:: The small dark squares visible along the hull beneath the main deck represent windows that illuminated interior spaces:: We have our choice of lovely motels hotels and inns :: When I bent down to loop the wet laces something low slow and wavering caught my eye:: Positioned near Nasrallahs house they waved banners called to the troops through their megaphones and attempted to obstruct the bulldozers movements:: a stream of young surfers fighting the elements to ride the waves:: The crew held on to the rigging lines of his parachute as he crawled along the wing towards the fire making holes in the wing with his hands and feet:: Besides wasteful consumption of so much clean water pollutants discharged by restaurants beauty saloons and large bathing rooms are also to blame for contaminated water:: They are sick and depraved and have convinced themselves they are right and the rest of us are wrong:: And hovering over them all is the constant threat of the police who ticket the men tirelessly leading to hundreds of dollars in fines and repeated stays in jail:: You must pick your time well as she is often swept by strong tidal currents
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