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Loose :
- لوزوھنlooselyloosenessڪير گھلائيندو

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Verb(1) grant freedom to; free from confinement(2) turn loose or free from restraint(3) make loose or looser(4) become loose or looser or less tight
Adjective(1) not compact or dense in structure or arrangement(2) (of a ball in sport(3) not tight; not closely constrained or constricted or constricting(4) not officially recognized or controlled(5) not literal(6) emptying easily or excessively(7) not affixed(8) not tense or taut(9) (of textures(10) lacking a sense of restraint or responsibility(11) not carefully arranged in a package(12) having escaped, especially from confinement(13) casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior, or light
Adverb(1) without restraint

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(1) ÔÇÿThe sheep look as though they are loose , but they're not really,ÔÇÖ he said.(2) The film is a loose interpretation of the final years of Sade's life.(3) His hair was long and wild, with loose strands and long bangs that covered his menacing eyes.(4) You can give the loose stone as a gift and choose the setting at a later stage, if you wish.(5) Fight the tendency by keeping your elbows loose and upper body relaxed.(6) I turned to see Aya leaning in the corner, arms folded and dressed in loose shirt and tight shorts.(7) A loose paper floats from within the bag and floats to the ground.(8) What you want for singing is, first of all, a loose relaxed neck.(9) These have a rather loose weave construction which helps the flavour to release.(10) Have the confidence to let the shot go where you know it will, with a loose relaxed grip.(11) The Spaniards also let loose a big dog on shore which chased the terrified Arawaks and bit several of them savagely.(12) I did it in four days and it's a country recordÔǪ my loose interpretation of what country music is.(13) Tom claims that his sore toe is infected and that his tooth, which is loose , aches.(14) The farmer had three loose teeth and another three that were missing.(15) And I so badly want to surrender, desperate to loose myself but there is nothing.(16) Such epic historical recreations in film have in the past left themselves open to severe criticism with their somewhat loose , sometimes ignorant interpretations of fact.
Related Words
(1) hang loose ::
ڳالھائيندا اونڌا
1. not fixed in place ::
جاء ۾ مقرر نه
3. free ::
4. vague ::
5. baggy ::
6. promiscuous ::
7. indiscreet ::
8. slack ::
9. informal ::
12. open ::
13. lax ::
14. idle ::
15. free ::
16. relax ::
17. unleash ::
18. loosen ::
19. unloose ::
20. free ::
1. taut ::
2. tense ::
3. tight ::
Different Forms
loose, loosed, loosely, looseness, looses, loosing
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