form of verbs
Form of Verbs
Present Form Meaning Past Form Past Participle
awake ستل awoke awoken
bear کڻندو bore born
bear کڻندو bore borne
abide سدائين abode abode
arise اڀرڻ arose arisen
be ٿي was been
draw ڪڍو drew drawn
do ٿا did done
fight جنگ fought fought
eat کائڻ ate eaten
drive بيوس drove driven
drink پيو drank drunk
dig ڊي آء جي dug dug
beat نزاڪت beat beaten
become بڻجي became become
bid بولي bid bid
begin شروع began begun
bind ڪٽيو bound bound
find مل found found
fly مک flew flown
forget وسارڻ forgot forgotten
forgive معاف forgave forgiven
bite چٻين bit bit, bitten
blow لڳڻ blew blown
come آ came come
choose چونڊي chose chosen
break وقفو broke broken
behold اتي beheld beheld
sit ويھ sat sat
sink ٻڏڻ sank sunk
sing روهتاس sang sung
shine روشن shone shone
shake لکن shook shook
see ڏسو saw seen
get حاصل got got,gotten
go وڃو went gone
give ڏي gave given
grow سٺا grew grown
run هلائڻ ran run
ring منڊي rang rung
hide لڪايو hid hid,hidden
hang اونڌا hung hung
hold ڏسجي held held
know خبر knew known
lie ڪوڙ lay lain
mistake مريدن mistook mistaken
ride سواري rode ridden
slay ڪھو slew slain
speak ڳالهائڻ spoke spoken
spin کاتن spun spun
stand موقف stood stood
write لکڻ wrote written
win جيت won won
wear پائڻ wore worn
wake اٿاري woke woke
steal چوري stole stolen
stick لٺ stuck stuck
swear قسم swore swore
swim ترڻ swam swum
take وٺي took taken
tear آنسو tore torn
sting ڏنگ stung stung
throw ڌوڙ threw thrown
chide جھڻڪج chid chid
cleave طلب clove,cleft cloven,cleft
cling ڪرندا clung clung
spring بهار sprang sprung
smite ايذائيندا smote smitten
slide ٿڙندو slid slid
tread هلو هلو trod trodden
swing جھولي swang swung
strive ڪوشش strove striven
string جملو strung strung
shrink ويو آهيان shrank shrunk
lead ڏس led led
grind پيسن ground ground
freeze ئيج froze frozen
forsake سمھڻ forsook forsaken
fling ڀڃندو flung flung
wring wring wrung wrung
wind واء wound wound
weave weave wove woven
bet شرط لڳي bet bet
cast وڌائين cast cast
cost خرچ cost cost
cut پٽي cut cut
hit اچي ويو hit hit
hurt ڏک hurt hurt
let هلون let let
put وجهي put put
rid جان ڇڏايو rid rid
set مقرر set set
shed وسري shed shed
split نڪرندو split split
shut بند shut shut
thrust جي شعبن ۾ thrust thrust
spread وڇائي spread spread
burst پٿرن burst burst
abuse فحش abused abused
abolish جو خاتمو abolished abolished
avail ٽاري availed availed
attract راغب attract attract
appoint مقرر appointed appointed
apply لاڳو applied applied
approve منظور approved approved
accept قبول accepted accepted
accompany ريڊي accompanied accompanied
acquire حاصل acquire acquired
annoy ايذائيندا annoyed annoyed
alter تبديل altered altered
aim مقصد aimed aimed
add شامل added added
adapt مطابقت adapted adapted
attack حملو attacked attacked
assure خاطري assured assured
ask پڇا ڳاڇا asked asked
ascend چڙھندا ascended ascended
agree متفق agreed agreed
advise صلاح advised advised
adopt بڻائيندا adopted adopted
bend وڪڙ bent bent
believe ايمان believed believed
behave پڪا behaved behaved
beg بيگ begged begged
bleed bleed bled bled
bring آڻيو brought brought
charge چارج charged charged
cheat جيڪي ڳڀيراڻين cheated cheated
compare compare compared compared
build کپن built built
burn ساڙيو burnt burnt
buy خريد bought bought
call سڏ called called
cry رڙ cried cried
deliver پهچائڻ delivered delivered
debar debar debarred debarred
deal ڊيل dealt dealt
dare مجال dared dared
catch پڪڙي caught caught
cook پچائڻ cooked cooked
creep creep crept crept
change تبديلي changed changed
complain شڪايت complained complained
compose لکو composed composed
convict سزا convicted convicted
cure علاج cured cured
decide فيصلو decided decided
dedicate وقف dedicated dedicated
hear ٻڌي heard heard
hate نفرت hated hated
have آهي had had
hang اونڌا hanged hanged
demand طلب demanded demanded
deny انڪار denied denied
depend ڀاڙي depended depended
destroy ناس destroyed destroyed
gather گڏ gathered gathered
gaze اگھڙن کي gazed gazed
flee fled fled
feel لڳي felt felt
feed فيڊ fed fed
determine اهو طئي determined determined
deviate ٿڙي deviated deviated
die مرڻ died died
dream خواب dreamt dreamt
divide جدا divided divided
inform سڌ informed informed
inspire متاثر inspired inspired
introduce پڙهائڻ introduced introduced
embellish مادر embellished embellished
enter داخل entered entered
expressed expressed expressed
maintain برقرار maintained maintained
marry شادي married married
make ڪر made made
insist زور insisted insisted
invade invade invaded invaded
invite دعوت invited invited
involve داخل involved involved
lose وڃائي ڇڏيو lost lost
look نظر looked looked
like جهڙو liked liked
light نور lighted lighted
lie ڪوڙ lied lied
joke مذاق joked joked
keep رکيو kept kept
kill قتل killed killed
kneel رڪوع knelt knelt
laugh کلڻ laughed laughed
lend اڌارو lent lent
leave ڇڏي left left
learn معلوم ٿئي ٿو learnt learnt
lead ڏس led led
lay رکون laid laid
owe واجب الادا آهي owed owed
order حڪم ordered ordered
omit دفعه omitted omitted
occur نمودار occurred occurred
observe جو مشاهدو observed observed
open کليل opened opened
occupy سائو occupied occupied
pray دعائون prayed prayed
punish سزا punished punished
play راند played played
pay ادا paid paid
preside صدارت presided presided
prevent روڪڻ prevented prevented
negotiate طي negotiated negotiated
mow mow mowed mowed
move پيش moved moved
mix گڏيو mixed mixed
mend مينڊ mended mended
meet ملن ٿا met met
mean مطلب meant meant
manage منظم managed managed
prepare تيار prepared prepared
preserve محفوظ preserve preserved
pretend ڀائيندا pretended pretended
proceed اڳتي proceeded proceeded
prohibit روڪيندا prohibited prohited
reject انڪار rejected rejected
rehabilitate rehabilitate rehabilitated rehabilitated
refuse انڪاري refused refused
refund واپسي refunded refunded
recover حاصل recovered recovered
propose propose proposed proposed
prosecute prosecute prosecuted prosecuted
prove ثابت proved proved
persist موجود persisted persisted
realize احساس realized realized
raise اٿي raised raised
receive ملي received received
reach پهچي reached reached
read پڙهڻ read read
quarrel ڏوهيڙو quarrelled quarrelled
say چون ٿا said said
sew sew sewed sewed
seek طلب sought sought
remind نصيحت reminded reminded
remit ميٽ remitted remitted
return موٽڻ returned returned
respond جواب responded responded
rob لکڻ robbed robbed
repair مرمت repaired repaired
reply جواب replied replied
rescue بچاء rescued rescued
swell اڳڀرائي swelled swelled
sell وڪرو sold sold
sweep سويپ swept swept
send موڪليو sent sent
shoot گولين shot shot
spoil خراب spoiled spoiled
sleep ننڊ slept slept
show شو showed showed
sow پوکيندا sowed sowed
stay رهو stayed stayed
spend خرچ spent spent
work ڪم worked worked
wish خواهش wished wished
wait انتظار waited waited
warn ڊيڄاري warned warned
smile مرڪ smiled smiled
smell عضوا smelt smelt
teach هڪٻئي taught taught
want چاهيون ٿا wanted wanted
walk سير walked walked
visit دوري visited visited
vanish وسري vanished vanished
tell چوان told told
think خيال thought thought
travel سفر travelled travelled
tremble کانپو trembled trembled
utter پڪار uttered uttered
unite وڃون united united
twinkle twinkle twinkled twinkled
treat ڪهڙو treated treated
bend وڪڙ bent bent
breed نسل bred bred
clothe ملائيندا clothed clothed
gird رهايا ويا girded,girt girded,girt
hew ٽڪي گھر hewed hewed
lean ڏٻرن leant leant
load بار loaded loaded
melt ڳاري melted melted
rend تون آڪڙ ڪري rent rent
spell ڪيلن مان spelled,spelt spelled,spelt
knock کڙڪائڻ knocked knocked
repeat ورجائي repeated repeated
pick کڻو picked picked
join شامل joined joined
clean صاف cleaned cleaned
match شاديء matched matched
offer آڇ offered offered
plunge ٺاھيندو plunged plunged
watch واچ watched watched
slip پرچي slipped slipped
chatter chatter chattered chattered
shock جھٽڪو shocked shocked
shook shooked shooked
affect متاثر affected affected
last آخري lasted lasted
plan رٿ planned planned
expose نقاب exposed exposed
tip ترڪيب tipped tipped
need ضرورت needed needed
suit مناسبت suited suited
fold ٻٽو folded folded
decorate سينگارڻ decorated decorated
disappear غائب disappeared disappeared
plough جوت ploughed ploughed
ban پابندي banned banned
protect جي حفاظت protected protected
reproduce ٻيهر reproduced reproduced
contain تي مشتمل contained contained
stretch البت stretched stretched
notice نوٽيس noticed noticed
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