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Riverbank :
- riverbank

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Noun(1) the bank of a river

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(1) When he emerged into the clear air by the riverbank , Tom was sitting where the water lapped at the cold stones.(2) The project has given free livestock-operated drinking pumps to farmers, to help reduce sediment and nutrients entering the water from the riverbank .(3) She saw people along the riverbank , bathing, washing their clothing, watering their livestock or fetching a bucketful.(4) Meanwhile, Cameron made her way down to the river, sitting near the riverbank .(5) Each tagged fish was placed into a clear bucket of river water, carried down to the riverbank , and released.(6) She walked along the riverbank for several kilometers, until she reached a large waterfall, located on a cliff face.(7) Looking around, she saw the horses grazing by the riverbank , the stream gurgling away beside them.(8) After a few weeks of casually watching the water level rise moderately along the riverbank , some concern began to set in.(9) The footprints continued down the riverbank , heading towards the water.(10) Outside, he could hear the sound of the river and a slap of waves against the riverbank as the occasional pleasure boat went by.(11) Water lilies grew along the riverbank as the stream of water flowed around trees that grew juicy fruits.(12) Claiming they owned the riverbanks and the streambed itself, they routinely denied the public access to rivers and streams.(13) Rising waters would uproot prosperous farmers from the fertile riverbanks , forcing an estimated 100,000 people to move to higher ground where they could no longer plant corn and wheat.(14) It is a well known that virtually every ancient civilization flourished on riverbanks .(15) Water smacked the riverbanks in large waves from the impact.(16) Willow, olives and tamarind are also introduced as all are species that thrive on riverbanks .
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(1) river bank ::
نديء جي ڪناري تي
1. riverside ::
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