English to Sindhi Meaning :: dispose

Dispose :
ساٿ ڏنو
- ساٿ ڏنوبالرن جيرٿيندوdisposing

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Verb(1) give, sell, or transfer to another(2) throw or cast away(3) make receptive or willing towards an action or attitude or belief(4) place or put in a particular order(5) make fit or prepared

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(1) whose responsibility is it to dispose of scrap materials?(2) if you touch the female readers' hearts, it might dispose their husbands to be charitable(3) she watched him dispose of a large slice of cheese(4) They ease the atmosphere around two people and kindly dispose people to each other.(5) The generals may propose, but H5N1 will dispose .(6) People propose, cops dispose .(7) people now have substantial assets to dispose of after their death(8) The case with this, though, is that Ed Gein forced his mother into this situation, immediately killing her afterwards to dispose the evidence.(9) You cannot sell them or dispose of them without the permission of the finance company.(10) This block is more frontally disposed , formally clear, and attuned to the wide space in front of the complex than anything already there.(11) Having disposed of their Northern rivals Park now face Midlands club Ampthill.(12) And the other side won't have any regrets about disposing of such a threat.(13) Given, though, that many of these beings are incorporeal in nature and will not likely be disposing of the food themselves, this leaves the offerer with a galling dilemma: what is the proper way to clean up after the gods?(14) Nor, fifthly, would it yield his inquiry more satisfaction, to be answered, that there existed in things a principle of order, which had disposed the parts of the watch into their present form and situation.(15) Marie began her take-over process by disposing of her rival queens(16) Word lines are disposed in parallel, and the main bit line and the ground line cross the word lines.
Related Words
(1) dispose of ::
جو ساٿ ڏنو
1. arrange ::
2. incline ::
3. chuck out ::
ٻاهر شاه
4. qualify ::
1. derange ::
2. disarrange ::
3. disarray ::
4. disorder ::
فتنه و
5. rumple ::
6. upset ::
پيٽ جي
Different Forms
dispose, disposed, disposes, disposing
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