English to Sindhi Meaning of after - پوء

After :

ايندڙ, پوء, هيٺين, ذري گهٽ, جھليندا, لالن, واپس, شهيد, مستقبل, نتيجتن

پوء, پٽي, کان, هيٺ, پويان, واپس, پٺتي پيل, ٿوري دير کان پوء, جي مطابق, مطابق, هيٺين, تي consequent, جي احترام ۾, تي, جي حوالي سان, آخرت, وري, ايندڙ

پوء, کان, ماضي, پويان, ٻيهر, جي مطابق, سان مطابق ۾, جي طرف, ڀڃڪڙي سان, جي تقليد ۾, کان سواء, ڪاٽو, ڪڏھن ڏکوئي نه, جي, جي حوالي سان, جي احترام ۾, کي عزت ۽ احترام سان, جي فيشن کان پوء, لاء

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Definitions of after in English
Adjective(1) located farther aft
Adverb(1) happening at a time subsequent to a reference time(2) behind or in the rear
Examples of after in English
(1) they shouted after us(2) So many women seek after men of money or rank, and this is essentially a private affair.(3) But he seemed to be slipping as he chased after it and it was brilliant to see the ball go in.(4) Then turning and smiling through her tears she called after him.(5) Just because the show is named after him is no reason to keep him around.(6) My mother died soon after and left me the house, which is where I run my business from and make a small living.(7) In the period after 1807 most colonies experienced a decrease in the crude death rate.(8) We do ask our visitors to clean up after their dogs, especially in the more frequented areas of the estate.(9) Complications may even occur a long time after minor events as the following case shows.(10) Tradition normally sees plants used in the show go on sale after the event.(11) after us(12) It's not just your money that they're after although they certainly want that.(13) it was difficult to believe it after the Minister's statement(14) I heard voices in the cabins on either hand of me; some people came out of one of the after berths, and passed us, talking noisily but they took no heed of me or of my friend.(15) Day after day, the shocking images have been plastered all over the media.(16) He speaks of the numbness that takes hold of him after long periods of work.
Related Phrases of after
(1) look after ::
(2) after all ::
سپني کان پوءِ
(3) after that ::
هن کان پوءِ
(4) take after ::
پوء وٺي
(5) after a while ::
ٿوري دير کانپوء
(6) time after time ::
وقت بوقت
(7) after school ::
اسڪول کان پوء
(8) the day after tomorrow ::
سڀاڻي کان پوء واري ڏينهن
(9) go after ::
پوء وڃو
(10) day after day ::
ڏينهن کان پوء اڄ ڏينهن
1. later ::
ٿوري دير کان پوء
2. behind ::
3. following ::
4. behind ::
5. because of ::
جي ڪري
6. despite ::
7. in pursuit of ::
جي جستجو ۾
8. in search of ::
جي ڳولها ۾
9. about ::
جي باري ۾
10. in honor of ::
جي شان ۾
1. ahead ::
2. before ::
کان اڳ
3. beforehand ::
Different Forms
after, afterward
Word Example from TV Shows
After three days, he left,

After three days, he left,

Vikings Season 1, Episode 7

my repulsive nephew
will be king after him.

my repulsive nephew will be king AFTER him.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 2

Very. It's nice to rest
after 800 flights of stairs.

Very. It's nice to rest AFTER 800 flights of stairs.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 14

Repeat after me:

Repeat AFTER me:

Money Heist Season 3, Episode 8

l named it
after Maximino Arciniega,

l named it AFTER Maximino Arciniega,

Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 8

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