English to Sindhi Meaning of consider - غور

Consider :

خيال, حل ڪريو, ڌيان, پريشان, غور, پڪڙي, ڏسجي, سمجھندا ھجن, تي بند, وٺي, فڪر, تي نظر, تصور, ها, ايمان, ڍڪي, ڀانئيان, ڪوشش ڪر, ڏسڻ, ڦاڙ, فرق, اڳ رٿيل, لڳي, حوالي, شمار, سڏ, بعد ۾, کين مؤمنياڻيون ڄاڻو, پوء هلائي, جي تابعداري ڪريو, نظر ۾ رکڻ, ڪمپيوٽ, حساب, گنان, چوان, ڳاڻيٽي

غورسمجهيو ويندوسٺنڄاتائين.
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Definitions of consider in English
Verb(1) deem to be(2) give careful consideration to(3) take into consideration for exemplifying purposes(4) show consideration for; take into account(5) think about carefully; weigh(6) judge or regard; look upon; judge(7) look at attentively(8) look at carefully; study mentally(9) regard or treat with consideration, respect, and esteem
Examples of consider in English
(1) one service area is not enough when you consider the number of cars using this highway(2) do you consider him a good player?(3) Perhaps the university may consider a lesser contribution towards the cost as it is not on land owned by the university.(4) I would urge anyone else who has similar problems to consider undertaking this course if they are given the opportunity.(5) I think most people would consider him an unscrupulous thug who should be apprehended and punished.(6) It is quite a fantasy to have a whole people consider you divine after all.(7) he didn't consider it worthy of comment(8) we need to consider the implications(9) Some American states already control light pollution and I believe we should consider doing the same.(10) many people consider themselves to be middle class(11) Adults who want to continue with their education are being asked to consider Open University courses.(12) consider the environment when you buy a car(13) I think in America, some people consider us one of the very last remaining communist countries.(14) people consider that it was my fault(15) the house is cheap, when you consider where it is(16) Though his chief lieutenants either tried to urge an end to the war or seek one them selves separately, he refused to consider such a course.
Related Phrases of consider
(1) to consider ::
غور ڪرڻ
(2) consider seriously ::
سنجيدگي سان ويچار
(3) consider that ::
ته نهار
(4) consider as ::
جيئن غور
(5) consider carefully ::
تي غور ويچار
(6) consider oneself ::
دلبر غور
1. think about ::
جي باري ۾ سوچ
2. deem ::
3. look at ::
کي ڏسو
4. take into consideration ::
غور ۾ وٺي
5. study ::
6. take ::
7. regard ::
8. view ::
9. think ::
10. moot ::
محمد ڀٽو
11. count ::
1. discount ::
2. disregard ::
Different Forms
consider, considered, considers
Word Example from TV Shows
Consider it my way
of getting more of your money.

Consider it my way of getting more of your money.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 23

No. It's just, my way is better,
but they won't even consider it.

No. It's just, my way is better, but they won't even CONSIDER it.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 14

Consider me reminded.

Consider me reminded.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 2

we must consider, a vile thing.

we must CONSIDER, a vile thing.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 5

I didn't consider my brother's death.

I didn't CONSIDER my brother's death.

Money Heist Season 3, Episode 2

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