English to Sindhi Meaning of row - قطار

Row :

قطار, ليڪ, حد, سپهه سالار, هي دورا, جملو, تڪرار, وڌو, ڏوهيڙو, ٿئي, رنگت, اهي نخرا, مرد, انسان, انداز, کپي, خط, نوٽ, اسامه, پتو, حڪم, ڪثرت, آخر ۾, حاشيہ, هار, تاج, سند, فتنه و, فاقن, حملو, پڪڙڻ, طبقاتي, درجه بندي, گروپ, گريڊ, نظارو, چر, ٻيڙي ھلائڻ, پل, مقصد, مقصد پوسٽ, جو دائرو, بي درديء سان, ڪڍڻ, مٿي چڙهڻ, سبق, ۾ چڪر, ملامت, ڪفر ڪيو, نيويگيٽ

قطارڇٽڪيوrowerrowersٻيڙي ھلائڻrowlingصفون
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Definitions of row in English
Noun(1) an arrangement of objects or people side by side in a line(2) an angry dispute(3) a long continuous strip (usually running horizontally(4) (construction(5) a linear array of numbers, letters, or symbols side by side(6) a continuous chronological succession without an interruption(7) the act of rowing as a sport
Verb(1) propel with oars
Examples of row in English
(1) Then, from the other end of house, she said she heard ÔÇÿan awful row , shouting and raised voices, a real commotionÔÇÖ.(2) Another of our employments was to row a little way off from the shore in a boat, and dive for large stones to build a wall round our master's house.(3) Our final day was again beautifully sunny, if freezing, so we decided to row a boat around one of Donegal's many lochs.(4) The organist at the centre of a long-running row at a Yorkshire church is set to leave the area and take up a new post in Germany.(5) Her son, Rahul Gandhi, was seated in the third row behind Gandhi.(6) they had a row and she stormed out of the house(7) There was a row and fracas between the two women and all were thrown out.(8) The two friends had gone for a light row and were turning the double scull boat opposite the boat slip at the Rowing Club when Kieran became suddenly ill.(9) Sometimes, in calm seas, when the outboard stuttered and needed coaxing with frequent plug de-oilings, Angus would row the boat.(10) The couple, who claim they have never had a serious row , say their secret to a happy marriage is always listening to one another and laughing together.(11) Our staff will row the rafts, cook, and provide special activities for the children.(12) I always got a row if I left food on my plate(13) the engine made a heck of a row(14) The woman at the centre of the health row , who is not being named, strongly denied the claim.(15) A report to the council's monthly meeting yesterday said two or three more surgical appointments could be made without impacting on the two posts at the centre of the row .(16) the director is at the centre of a row over policy decisions
Related Phrases of row
(1) in a row ::
قطار ۾
(2) death row ::
موت جي قطار
(3) back row ::
پوئين قطار
(4) front row ::
اڳين قطار
(5) skid row ::
skid قطار
(6) to row ::
قطار کي
(7) row a boat ::
هڪ ٻيڙيء جي قطار
(8) row house ::
قطار گھر
(9) row material ::
قطار له
(10) have a row ::
هڪ قطار آهي
1. line ::
2. tier ::
هي دورا
3. argument ::
4. rowing ::
ٻيڙي ھلائڻ
5. course ::
6. run-in ::
رن ۾
Different Forms
row, rowed, rower, rowers, rowing, rowling, rows
Word Example from TV Shows
Called in sick three days in a row.

Called in sick three days in a ROW.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 12

What was I gonna do?

What was I gonna do? Two "ins" in a ROW?

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 13

Great, 'cause you just bought
that whole row of Batmans.

Great, 'cause you just bought that whole ROW of Batmans.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 14



Vikings Season 1, Episode 2

You mean like death row inmates
with nothing to lose?

You mean like death ROW inmates with nothing to lose?

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 5

English to Sindhi Dictionary: row

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